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It all started in late 2006 when a couple of mates asked me (Andrei, General Director) to buy SWIMTRAINER swimring for teaching babies to swim from Germany ( for their baby. The thing is that they didn't speak English and were not tech savvy enough
to cope on their own. I helped them. Then again, then again.

And later it occurred to be that we came up with the idea of
selling these swimrings here, in Russia. We met with Herr
Jürgen Rüd (president of FREDS SWM ACADEMY GmbH) in
Helsinki (Finland) and we signed an agreement.
A few days later, having signed exclusive rights agreement with
FREDS SWIM ACADEMY GmbH, we registered a company
FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Co. Ltd. (we were 24-25 y.o. at that
time) and then imported our first cartons, then first palettes.

Pic Pic

No pain, no gain

Creating an online shop, participating in trade shows, having our first negotiations and deliveries, etc. Now the SWIMTRAINER is sold in more than 430 stores all over Russia, which seemed to be impossible in the very beginning.

The thing is that other swimrings were sold at the price of 50 roubles (=or 1,16 euros = 1 GBP = $1,5) whereas STR price was 700 rubles (x 14 times!). But we succeeded.


Still growing

A few years ago we decided to find more products that we believed could be made popular here. We signed an agreement with Shupeas and Bumbo and created a wholesale website (although our legal name was FRED'S SWIM ACADEMY Co. Ltd.).

Later on we signed with Upanaway LLC ( and few months later - with Rarely we failed but in most cases we did not. And this lets us growing x1.3 - x1.5 times yearly and we are still tring real hard to open our market for foreign brands that are worth it. Now we deliver to around +400 shops (including chains).

Our team

We are in the process of building a close to perfect team and organization. So that despite the fact that we started from scratch with no investments from anywhere we are now able to compete with well established sharks of the market.

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